Wellfleet Methofist Church

Church History

Reverend Robert Yallalle, the first minister of Wellfleet Methodist Episcopal Church, preached the first sermon in Wellfleet in 1797.

The First Methodist Class was organized in1802, consisting of three members: Abigail Gross, Thankful Rich, and Lurana Higgins.

The first Methodist Episcopal Meeting House in Wellfleet was erected in 1817, located on a hill at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery and measuring 40 by 30 feet. Dedication services were conducted by Reverend George Pickering, the presiding elder. Cornelius Hamblen, Isaac Harding and Mecah Dyer served as the Building Committee. This Meeting House was remodeled in1829, enlarged to 38 X 60 feet to include seventy pews and side galleries, and was rededicated by Reverend Benjamin F. Lambord.

This building was dismantled, removed and enlarged in 1843 at the present site on Main Street on a parcel of land purchased from Abigail Higgins. The work of pulling down and moving was begun in June, 1843, with the reconstruction completed by the following December. Enlarged to 67 X 57 feet, the new building contained one hundred eighteen pews, side galleries, a mahogany altar with a pulpit built of imitation marble. The pews were painted pea green, capped with mahogany. The basement was of brick, with two vestries above ground; one seating 300, the other 100. The dedication services were held on December 5, 1843, with Reverend Paul Townsend preaching the sermon. It was remodeled in 1863 at an expense of $14,500.

This first church on Main Street was struck by lightening and burned on February 28, 1891. The bell survived the fire and is now located on the front lawn of the present church.

The present church was built in 1891 at a total cost of $8,000, including furnishings. Reverend W.S. Fitch dedicated the new church in 1892.