Wellfleet Beaches & Special Places

Special Spots
Wellfleet is miles of white sand beaches and crystal clear cool refreshing fresh water ponds. Many easily accessable salt water beaches to choose from:
Cahoon Hollow Beach at the end of Cahoon Hollow Road
Lecount Hollow Beach located off Lecount Hollow Road
Newcomb Hollow Beach located off Gross Hill Road
White Crest Beach (Surfing Beach)between Lecount Hollow Beach & Cahoon Hollow Beach on Ocean View Drive
Marconi Beach
Mayo Beach near the Town pier (a bayside beach)

3 easily accessable fresh water ponds
Long Pond which has a dock to jump from and has roadside parking, located on long pond road.
Gull Pond which has a pier a dock and offers boat rentals, located off
Great Pond which at times if the water is high has a very limited beach and requires you to climb up and down a hill.
Then there are the lesser know spots in Wellfleet like "Spectacle" Pond with only enough space for 2 cars to park and yes we know how to get there but the swimming is not very nice and we prefer to keep at least one place a secret. There is a lovely pond near Great Pond that has picnic tables and a nice beach but can only be reached by walking. Here are the directions: Park at Great Pond and either head back towards town on Cahoon Hollow Road to the fire road and follow that road until you reach the pond or go to the far back corner of the parking lot and follow the old trail to the dirt road, follow the dirt road to the pond. This pond was accessable by car but the National Park Service in all its wisdom blocked off the road but it is still a public spot no matter what the locals tell you. Please remember that there are private homes inside the National park and yes some of the land is private property, so please respect the owners rights. So make a day of it and enjoy the sand , sun , and surf at one of the fine spots Wellfleet has to offer.

When visiting Wellfleet, "The Art Gallery Town," please stop in at the Information Booth, located just off Route 6 in South Wellfleet, at the beginning of the Bike Trail, off LeCount Hollow Road and pick up a brochure that will guide you in your discovery of all that Wellfleet has to offer.

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