Wellfleet Seasons on Cape Cod

Spring Time Spring time on the Cape is when everything starts to bloom and grow. The trees start to unfurl their bright green leaves and daffodils bloom from gardens that have started to send forth their shoots of growth into the suns warming rays. The weather is pleasant and biking and exploring are some of the favorite activities. Most of the restaurants and accomodations have opened for the season and the pace is a little slower than summer as everyone gears up for another great summer in Wellfleet on Cape Cod.
Summer Time Summer is the time for Beaches, Restaurants, Walks, Surfing, Kite Flying, Exploring, and Relaxing ... so much to do during Wellfleet's busiest time. Tourist and locals alike spill onto the beach and fill the restaurants. Shops hum with activity and artist show their work to appreciative strollers. This is the time for swimming and eating with family and friends, a time to forget about everything and bask in the sunshine and warmth that surrounds you when you step into this small town with a heart big enough for everyone.
Fall Autumn, some say the most beautiful time of all in Wellfleet. Fall is usually warm enough for afternoon picnics and brisk enough for crackling fires in the evening while roasting marshmellows over the flickering flames. Wildlife is easily spotted during the fall from whales to birds to seals and deer now is the time to see nature at her most splendid.Thanksgiving marks the Festival of Lights honoring the Pilgrims landing and the churchs have fall harvest dinners. Come and enjoy Wellfleet's most spectacular season.
Winter Winter; the quiet season. Empty beaches that stretch for miles that can be yours alone. Most winters are mild and afford chances for golfing and the Audubon offers canoe trips. When snow does fall it coats the sand dunes in a shimmering white layer that is majestic to behold and makes cross country skiing on the Cape Cod rail trail (bicycle trail) a reality. Take a walk along the frozen edge of a fresh water pond and enjoy the solitude it affords as the sand crunchs beneath your boots, come during our quiet time and enjoy Wellfleet's other season.

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Join us as we take you on a tour of a small town that has a heart big enough for everyone!